Don't Panic

Use Lost Pet Ads

Place a LOST ad in your local paper as well as smaller newspapers immediately. Run the ad every week until your petcomes home!! The few days you miss placing an ad could well be the days someone who found him/her is checking the paper. Check FOUND ads daily. Most papers run FOUND ads for free and LOST ads for half price.

Check Local Animal Shelters

Check your nearest animal shelter and any others within a 50-mile radius at least every three days, daily if possible. Veterinarians also routinely scan pets for microchips. Consider that your animal may be in the home of a loving, caring foster parent or volunteer from a local rescue group. Here are a few links to help you find your lost animal in the Treasure Valley area. The Idaho Humane Society and Canyon County Animal Shelter are common places for people to take found pets.

Local Animal Shelters

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