Media Assists in Finding Missing Cat

Pam Rouda was a tremendous help in recovery of Sammy, my Siamese cat who had gone exploring and was lost for over two weeks last year. He had been on chemotherapy for a cancerous tumor and I was frantic.

Pam had seen a poster I had placed in my neighborhood. She was in close vicinity and called me offering her services. She honestly cares for the welfare of many of our furry "family members" and knows how much they mean to us. Not only did Pam walk the neighborhoods with us as we used a search dog, but she arranged for a newspaper reporter to do an interview on the search and even went in front of TV cameras on an early morning talk show. As a result, we began getting more phone calls from neighbors who thought they had seen him. When Sammy was finally located, Pam celebrated with us, just as if she was part of the family. You're terrific Pam! Thank you!

Little Dolly Vanishes into Mountainside

In late fall of 2006 we were walking our dogs in the Owyhees and had brought our shy foster dog Dolly with us. Something scared Dolly into a panic and the leash snapped when she bolted the other way. In that dry, rocky country covered with sagebrush it was easy for her to vanish like a ghost once she had decided to put as much distance between her and the the thing that scared her. In spite of searching and calling for hours that day and the next she was gone. I called Pam who took time out of her busy schedule to pack up Petey and her equipment and head back out into the mountains. When we got out there Pam started readying Petey and we were surverying the last point where we had seen Doly when I spotted her cautiously moving towards us far up the dirt road. Petey never did get a chance to follow her trail but his presence entieced Dolly to come all the way down to us where she was exceedingly relieved to find safety and companionship. We are grateful to Pam for being willing to go to such length to help us in a difficult and heart-wrenching situation.

A Good Neighbor Quickly Averts Disaster

On the evening of November 18, 2006, I came home to find my two dogs had escaped from the yard. I saw Pam and Petey walking down the street and stopped her to ask if she had seen two loose dogs. She explained that Petey had just been training as a search dog and she was willing to "test his skills". He got the scent from my dogs' bed and within ten minutes he was barking and had found my two "escapees". Thanks to the skills of Pam and Petey, my Hayley and Noelle were home safe.

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