Pet Detective.

Idaho Lost Pet Rescue Services

Missing Animal Response Services is here to assist you in finding your lost pet. Our success rate in finding lost pets is approximately 70%. We also use specialized equipment to assist in your search. Lost Pet is a professional Missing Animal Response Services Company based in Boise, Idaho. Our services are similar to and include a lot of the same methods that police detectives and search-and-rescue teams use to locate missing persons.

Phone: 208-891-PETS
(208) 891-7387

Our focus is on finding your lost pet in as short a time as possible. As with any search and rescue, it is critical to start the search as soon as you realize your pet is missing. Depending on the type of animal and his/her personality, the target search area will be between a several block to several mile radius of the Point Last Seen (PLS).

Each and every case is unique. So far, our searches have lasted between ten minutes and fifteen days. The sooner we get started, and the more information we have about the pet, the better our chances of recovering your family member.

Here are some flyers that you can use to assist your search. uses Certified Missing Animal Response (MAR) Technicians, personally trained by Kat Albrecht, founder of Pet Hunters International and author of "The Lost Pet Chronicles: Adventures of a K-9 Cop Turned Pet Detective". Kat is a pioneer in the use of investigative techniques usually associated with human Search and Rescue to locate and recover missing pets.

PO Box 16261, Boise, Idaho 83715

Cell Phone: 208-891-PETS
(208) 891-7387